About Us

As IUPharmacy, we are operating in the pharmaceutical warehouse sector. IUPharmacy whose priority is protecting the human health and give people economic and alternative drug alternatives, maintains its domestic and international activities. Our service areas; the company provides pharmaceutical needs of clinics, which offer services in many different fields, including wholesale and retail, on demand.

We have supplied prescription medications. While doing holy duty of healthcare professionals in the health sector in different points of the world, we provide their patients with the prescriptions these professionals write and the drugs they want to use from European countries where the sales price is the most affordable.

Our Mission

To serve at world standards, to diversify and improve service quality, to fulfill more than what it does for human health by evaluating all the dynamics of the sector. Because we believe that medicine coasts should be standard for human health. For this purpose, we care that the medicines needed are accessible and obtainable to everyone.

Our Vision

To provide reliable and accessible products in every point of the world for human health.

Why IUPharmacy?

As IUPharmacy, while having an active role in pharmaceutical warehouse sector, we have a wide pharmacy network in Europe at the same time. Thanks to this, we ship your requested medicines with affordable costs from our reliable pharmacies and warehouse in Europe. While shipping the requested medicines by the way UPS and DHL with full insurance, we make their transfer in cold storage fields. We always ship branded products and work in full compliance with the doctor’s prescription. We guarantee payments by using virtual pos for international payments. Within maximum 3 days of ordering, your cargoes are packed by our specialist pharmacists and set out with the track number. Medicines supplied are taken under protection by making submissions to FDA standards.

How Can I Order?

  1. Add your medicines to the basket (for maximum 3 months).
  2. Before passing to payment page, fill the form completely and without blank. Be sure to enter your valid contact information and mail.
  3. Upload scanned image of your prescription and fax it to us.
  4. Make your payment in a reliable form. Be sure to save your payment receipt. Check your e-mail and read confirmation post.
  5. Your track number will come to your e-mail in maximum 3 – 4 days. Check your medicine’s location.
  6. Your cargo will arrive to you within 4-5 days after departure.


If you contact our specialists by phone during working hours or by e-mail 7/24 [email protected] , your order list is prepared and sent.


We work in full compliance with UPS, DHL and FDA regulations, which are the most reliable shipping companies in the world. Your medicine orders are prepared and delivered to cargo carefully by our pharmacists. Your payments are always under a money-back guarantee while our representatives serving you. When the money back guarantee is valid; if your medication does not start within 3-4 days, if the medicines you request are missing or supplied with a different name than you want, your payment will be refunded immediately under a money-back guarantee.

In line with the demands received by us, it is our primary duty to increase the range of medicines available in our warehouse and add new products and health services according to the need. In case of such needs, please contact us at [email protected] and help us to improve ourselves.