There are different answers to the Are IVF pregnancies high risk “ question. In this regard, the risk of losing the baby especially during pregnancy is wondered. It is very important that every process is done carefully during IVF treatment. It is not possible to lose the baby as a result of this care. In fact, there is the same risk in both normal pregnancy and pregnancy achieved through IVF.

What Are IVF Pregnancies?

In order to answer the question of Are IVF pregnancies high risk, it is necessary to take a look at IVF treatment. Accordingly, in vitro fertilization can mean artificial fertilization to be performed artificially. The treatment ends when the egg fertilized in the laboratory environment is placed in the womb of the mother. In this case, the embryo is expected to hold in the mother’s womb.

With the embryo clinging to the mother’s womb, pregnancy begins. The pregnancy test can be done in the next 10-12 days. With the pregnancy test being positive, a normal pregnancy process begins. There are similar risks in this process as in other pregnancies.

Are IVF Pregnancies High Risk

What Are IVF Pregnancies High Risk?

Are IVF pregnancies high risk question can be answered about what IVF treatment is. Accordingly, it is frequently discussed that IVF treatment may cause loss of the baby. In some cases, cases, where IVF treatment is unsuccessful, may occur. However, this should not prevent the second and third attempts.

If you are pregnant with IVF treatment, it is recommended to be careful in the first 8 weeks. Losing the baby can usually be experienced within these 2 months. Just like IVF treatment, there is a risk of losing the baby in normal pregnancy. In other words, a mother who becomes pregnant with IVF treatment does not have a high risk of losing the baby.

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