Endometriosis disease is a critical disease although many of women don’t think about it. There are different types of endometriosis disease which may affect fertility or not. Thus, women should know about what endometriosis is and the answer that Can you get pregnant if you have endometriosis?

What is Endometriosis?

Endometriosis is a critical disease that develops as a result of the growth of the endometrium layer lining the uterus. Endometriosis generally forms on uterus and in the tissue covering the fallopian tubes and pelvis.

Can You Get Pregnant İf You Have Endometriosis?

In some cases, it can be said that endometriosis blokes the pregnancy. However, a woman carries to risk as like as a woman doesn’t have endometriosis. So, it cannot be said that women who have endometriosis cannot have a baby.

Endometriosis pregnant

When Endometriosis Does Not Cause Infertility?

Can you get pregnant if you have endometriosis? This question is so crucial for women who have endometriosis in their uterus. In this point, some women think that they cannot have baby due to this disease, so they fall into despair. This is not necessary. Because each woman can get pregnant although they have endometriosis. But there are some conditions which decreases the risk of infertility.

1 – Age of Woman

Although a woman has endometriosis on her tubes, she can get pregnant. Young women have lower rick than the older.

2 – Woman with Chocolate Cyst

If a woman has chocolate cyst on her uterus, she firstly should take a treatment for this disease. After the cyst is removed, she can take a treatment for having a baby.

3 – Woman with High Pain

If a woman has a huge pain on her uterus or tubes, she should be careful about this situation. Because there is not a huge pain if there is not a problem. Some of women has a high painful premenstrual period (PMS). If she in in her PMS, she should not be afraid. But in a normally period, she has so much pain her uterus, there may be a problem. Some of people don’t take awareness about like these pains if the woman is a little girl. Even though the patient is a little girl, there is a risk about infertility. So, mothers should be careful about her daughters’ body.

To sum up, there is a crucial question: Can you get pregnant if you have endometriosis? People should be aware of women health due to negative possible results. It cannot be said that every woman with endometriosis cannot have a child. But each woman should take own and her daughter’s responsibility for this crucial problem.