Dostinex is a highly effective drug containing the active ingredient cabergoline. The drug is often used to troubleshoot problems caused by hormone imbalances. It is also possible to use the drug by both women and men. The drug is an adjunct drug that also removes tumors formed in the pituitary gland. Before starting the treatment of the drug, you should definitely contact your doctor. Your doctor will also inform you about the use of the drug and pregnancy.

What Is Dostinex and How to Use It?

Dostinex is a highly effective type of drug that has a hormone-regulating nature. It is also possible to use this medicine for the treatment of some diseases caused by hormone disorders. Treatment of high prolactin reproduction that occurs in male and female individuals is also possible with regular use of this drug.

It is also very important to take the drug orally and use it at the dosage recommended by the doctor. The use of the drug in individuals younger than 16 years is strictly not recommended. It is also important that you are not a pregnant or breastfeeding mother while using the medicine. In such cases, it is recommended to stop using the drug.

It is recommended that you inform your doctor about your health history before using the medicine. For example, you should not use the drug if you have one of the heart or lung conditions. If you have any chronic diseases, you should use the drug in a controlled manner. If you have an allergic reaction to the active ingredient of the drug, you should immediately contact your doctor.

Does Dostinex Prevent Pregnancy

Does Dostinex Prevent Pregnancy and How Can It Do It?

Dostinex is a type of medicine that should be avoided in situations such as pregnancy and breastfeeding. The drug also has a preventive feature in conception. Before using the drug, you need to make sure that you are not pregnant.

Likewise, breastfeeding mothers should not use this drug since the use of the drug will decrease the milk in the breast. In addition, it is recommended not to get pregnant up to 1 month after using the drug. In such cases, you should definitely consult your doctor before using the drug.

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