In response to the question does Puregon make you gain weight, we should also look at other IVF treatment drugs. Accordingly, thanks to developing health technology, many of the side effects of drugs such as Puregon can be eliminated. But of course, this type of medication can have various side effects. We can say similar things for Puregon. Puregon, which has similar features with other IVF medicines, should also be examined for weight gain.

How Does Puregon Make You Gain Weight?

It is possible to give an exact answer to the question of does Puregon make you gain weight by examining the drug in more detail. Puregon also has various side effects like other IVF treatment drugs. Among these side effects, weight gain can also be observed.

However, weight gain is completely temporary because of Puregon. Puregon is one of the most important drugs used for IVF treatment. The situations in which the drug causes weight also vary from person to person.

Puregon may lose weight in some people and not in others. With Puregon, edema states can occur in some periods in the body. However, it is also possible to discard the water held in the body after a while. Therefore, it will be very easy for you to lose weight gained with Puregon.

Does Puregon Make You Gain Weight

What Is Puregon and How to Use It?

You can get the answer to the question of does Puregon to make you gain weight in response to the above. Besides, it would be correct to say that Puregon is one of the main drugs of IVF treatment.

With Puregon, the first step is taken for a healthy pregnancy. Many doctors recommend this drug for IVF treatment. The application of the drug is also quite easy. You should use the drug administered by injection under the skin in a sterile environment.

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