IUPharmacy tries to give the best service for suppling requested medicines to the all around the world. IUPharmacy implements so strike security procedures for giving safe service and low price. This online pharmacy company is not just a prescription; It also sells non-prescription products.  IUPharmacy has successfully supplied its products to clinics, consumers and hospitals since 2006.

Our patients can be assured that their medicines will arrive safely and that these medications are supervised by a team of experts. It should also be known that there is a very ambitious company in terms of low price and fast transportation.

IUPharmacy works with all its employees knowing that it serves human health.  In this context, it aims to provide a much faster and safer distribution service while serving human health. Safe packaging prepared using today’s latest technologies. All medicines ordered from the site are packaged to be resistant to very hot, very cold or humid weather. In this context, every package sent is secured with the Styrofoam packing method. With the service provided on the IUPharmacy.com website, your medicines are delivered reliably and undamaged.

The company sends the ordered medicines via Priority International on the first business day after the order is processed. The maximum number of days for delivery is 9. In cases where the order is delayed due to technical reasons, it is recommended to place orders 10/12 days before the treatment process.