Experts warn that couples trying to have children should stay away from alcohol. Researches do not see the fertility and alcohol pair as a very harmonious partner. In addition, experts who state that it is not necessary to use alcohol during pregnancy also underline that it is necessary to act as sensitively as possible.

Does Alcohol Prevent Getting Pregnant

While fertility and alcohol relation are examined, there is a crucial question appears: Does alcohol prevent getting pregnant? The harmful effects of alcohol during pregnancy are now approved by all medical circles. Drinking alcohol, especially in the first months of pregnancy, can seriously affect the development of the baby in the womb. According to some of the experts, alcohol and fertility are not enemy with each other; some of them think the opposite side of the situation.

Are Fertility and Alcohol Enemy?

Alcohol is known to have a negative impact on fertility, but research also reveals that exceptional situations may occur. A study of about 7000 women found that women who consume alcohol two or more times a day have a significantly increased risk of infertility. Women who drink less than a glass of alcohol a day had a significantly lower risk of infertility. Another study on 29,000 Danish women revealed that women who drink wine occasionally can get pregnant more quickly than women who never drink alcohol.

Alcohol Usage in IVF

When it comes to fertility treatments, the harmful effects of alcohol are more pronounced. The fact that both men and women use alcohol during IVF treatments directly affects the success of the treatment. For this reason, it is the safest option to stop using alcohol as a couple from the moment the IVF treatment is decided.

Although there is no scientific conclusion that the risk of miscarriage is increased in women with alcohol habit before pregnancy, it is concluded that alcohol consumption before pregnancy increases the low risk of in vitro fertilization. It is thought that it is not a problem for couples trying to conceive without IVF treatment from time to time (once a week or less) to drink a glass of alcohol, but it is still best to stay away from alcohol on the safe side due to the relationship between fertility an alcohol.

Fertility and Alcohol

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