You can find the answer to your question on how to place embryos in your IVF. Embryo transfer consists of the most important steps of IVF treatment. This process is considered one of the final stages. It is expected that other stages will be successfully completed while transferring IVF to embryo transfer. Embryo transfer, if not a very difficult procedure.

How Are Embryos Placed in IVF Treatment?

Transfer of Embryos

IVF care embryo transfer is considered to be the penultimate stage of treatment. The process of embedding embryos in the laboratory radio is called embryo transfer. This procedure is also known as one of the most important procedures of IVF treatment.

Embryo transfer, contrary to what is thought, is a very easy and painless process. Moreover, half an hour can be completed for the transfer application. But after the transfer process, the expectant mother needs to rest for a while.

At the end of all this period, the waiting period for pregnancy is started. Embryos are expected to lead to pregnancy. This process can produce results in approximately 14 days. In other words, it is recommended that the expectant mother perform a pregnancy test 14 days after the procedure.

Transfer of Embryos in IVF Treatment

Embryo transfer in IVF is considered one of the most important stages. Transfer, which is the most important stage of IVF treatment, can generally give positive results. By combining the sperm of the eggs collected with the OPU process, some healthy embryos can result. Choosing the most suitable of these embryos, they are placed in the womb of the mother.

After this procedure, the expectant mother is expected to rest for a while. After the rest, the expectant mother is put on hold for pregnancy. This process becomes clear for 14 days through rest at home. At the end of 14 days, the expectant mother is expected to perform a pregnancy test.

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