The question of how can I boost my fertility can be answered according to the age and fertility status index. Fertility is a phenomenon that decreases especially after 35 years of age. Therefore, steps can be taken to increase fertility after 35 years of age. In addition, congenital infertility can be observed in some women. In such a case, various treatment methods, especially IVF treatment, can be applied.

What Is Fertility and How Can I Boost My Fertility ?

How can I boost my fertility question can be answered with both natural methods and medical methods. Fertility is a hormonal phenomenon that exists at a different rate in each woman. In particular, the age factor significantly affects the fertility level.

In order to increase fertility, you should also take care of your diet and daily routine. Therefore, you can first consult a nutritionist. Insufficiency of vitamins and minerals also significantly affects the fertility rate. Therefore, you can consult your nutritionist to have your vitamins and minerals checked.

Besides all these, paying attention to cigarette and alcohol consumption is important for your fertility level. It is recommended that you minimize cigarette and alcohol use during the period you plan to become pregnant. If all these methods are inadequate, you can start looking for different alternatives by seeing a specialist physician.

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Increasing Fertility with IVF Method

You can find different answers to the question how can I boost my fertility. One of them is to increase the rate of getting pregnant with the IVF method. You can increase your fertility significantly with hormone supplements you will take during IVF treatment. The important thing in this process is to continue the treatment and to apply the recommended ones. In this way, your pregnancy rate will be greatly increased.