You can find useful answers in this article about how can I test my fertility at home. When testing your fertility, you should also pay attention to some physical factors. For example, the effect of age on fertility is quite high. Nevertheless, there are also possibilities to become a late Anna today. It is important for women to test their fertility and get pregnant. Here are effective methods to test your fertility.

What Is Fertility and How Can I Test My Fertility at Home ?

Before answering the question about how can I test my fertility at home, we should look at what fertility is. The most fertile period in women is the period until the age of 30. But after 30 years of age, the fertility rate is quite high. Between 35 and 40 years of age, there may be decreases in fertility.

However, it is quite possible to experience pregnancy at this age. Particular attention should be paid to fertility in the period after the age of 40. So you can start doing fertility tests. You can also test your fertility at home. You can take advantage of the fertility tests that serve in this area. You can apply infertility tests at pharmacies at home. Urine must be used for such tests to give results. Fertility tests, which are similar to the pregnancy test, are very easy to apply.

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How Can I Test My Fertility and How Do I Know My Fertility ?

We have given useful answers to the question of how can I test my fertility at home above. You can get results in a short time while performing this test at home. The decrease in FSH hormones involved in women and effective in reproduction can make the test positive. The positive result of the test means that fertility decreases. Therefore, you can take some precautions to provide a breeding environment.