Different answers can be given to the question of how do you check your fertility according to the physical condition of the person. For this, especially the age factor has an important effect. For example, for women after 40, the fertility test may need to be done regularly. For this, you can apply to the nearest health institution. Your genetic makeup from your family can also be examined for fertility testing. Besides, situations that affect your fertility can be fought.

How Do You Check Your Fertility and How Do You Recognize It?

You can get different answers to the question of how do you check your fertility according to your age and physical characteristics. For this, first of all, the infertility history in your family should be investigated. Such situations can also occur with genetic factors. Therefore, it will be useful to declare your family history while having your fertility checked.

In addition, if you have any chronic pelvic pain, you can apply for such tests. Your pain can also be a harbinger of cysts in the uterus. Of course, not every pain and cyst will affect your fertility.

Apart from all these, sexual disease states are among the conditions that require fertility testing. If you suffer from such a condition, you should have a fertility test right away. The result of the test is not always negative.

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How Do You Check Your Fertility and Which Test Is Suitable For This ?

There are also different test methods for the question how do you check your fertility. You can apply to the nearest health institution to take advantage of these test methods. In addition, you can benefit from different test groups according to their physical condition.

After your physical examination, your doctor may also ask you to have a fertility test. With the guidance of your specialist doctor, you can have the most appropriate test on this subject. Depending on the type of test, the results can also be determined between 1 week and 10 days.