How to treat IVF is a question that can be answered quite easily. It does the first step to treat babies. In this process, evaluation and treatment methods have positive time and positive results. Appropriate training is given to couples at the initial stage of treatment. In this process, individuals need to know about treatment. In the next step, the first step is taken for treatment and the examination procedure necessary for couples to have children.

How Does IVF Treatment Apply?

Initial Stages of IVF Treatment

We need to talk about IVF treatment initial stages. At the first stage of treatment, it comes over the adaptation and follow-up of the ovaries. At this stage, drug treatments, which are important for the development of the ovaries, are applied.

Drugs necessary for the development of the ovaries are also needed regularly. This procedure is dimensioned by your specialist. You should also talk to your doctor frequently, along with drug use.

The process of adapting the ovaries to drug therapy takes up to 10 days. After this process, the process of collecting eggs is started. In this process, sedative is given to the expectant mother. Sometimes, use anesthesia from this procedure if it is necessary.

Final Stages of IVF Treatment

We have compiled the last steps for investigation of how to treat IVF. Eggs collected in solid stages are observed. This process takes approximately 2 or 5 days. It is placed in the womb again. It will come to embryo transfer.

Embryos are placed in the uterus. There is no need for anesthesia. After all these procedures, the expectant mother should perform a pregnancy test approximately 14 days later. The result can be reached to use between 14 days. This 14-day period is recommended for the expectant mother to have a quiet period.

IVF Treatment

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