How long the IVF treatment lasts, different answers can be given to the question. Moreover, the method and stages of treatment can affect the duration of treatment. A total of five stages are followed for IVF treatment. Each of these five stages is divided into several time periods. The first step is to decide the type and method of treatment. The first stage lasts 1 day in total. After this process, the main treatment is started.

Initial Stages of IVF Treatment

Different answers can be given to the question of how long the IVF treatment lasts. There are multiple factors that affect the duration of treatment. The duration of IVF treatment can also vary from person to person. We can say that the first two stages of treatment can spread over a total of two weeks.

The first stage is the process of preparing the candidate for treatment. In this process, the treatment method and method of application are decided. The decision to decide on the treatment method also takes 1 day.

With the start of treatment, drug therapy is applied first. Drug use in IVF treatment can vary from 10 days to 15 days. It is also important to use the dose recommended by your doctor during the drug use phase. Your specialist doctor will also decide how many days you should use medicines in this process. With the end of drug treatment, the last stages of IVF application are started.

How Long Does It Take IVF Treatment?

Final Stages of IVF Treatment

A clear answer can be given to the question of how long the IVF treatment lasts. After maximum 15 days of drug use, the stage of collecting the ovaries is started. This stage is a stage that can take half an hour in total. With the collection of the ovaries, the expectant mother should rest for a while.

3 or 4 days after this process, the embryo placement step is started. This stage is completed within 15 minutes. The final stage of IVF treatment is 12 to 14 days of waiting. In this process, it will be understood whether the expectant mother is pregnant or not. The expectant mother can reach the final result by doing a pregnancy test after 15 days.

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