You can find useful answers to the question of how long does it take to get pregnant with IVF in this article. People who will become pregnant with the IVF method should be patient in this process. In this treatment, being stable and patient is defined as the two biggest factors. As a result of the implementation of all stages during IVF treatment, the mother is happy to be notified. In this process, it is important to follow the steps completely to get pregnant.

What Is IVF and How Long Does It Take to Get Pregnant with IVF ?

How long does it take to get pregnant with IVF, we should first seek an answer by defining IVF treatment. IVF treatment is an effective method preferred by women who cannot become pregnant normally. This treatment has more than one stage and at each stage, the treatment is taken one step further. It is aimed to stimulate and develop the ovaries in the initial stages of IVF treatment.

After this stage, the healthy eggs collected are fertilized in the laboratory environment with sperm taken from the male. The fertilized healthy embryo is placed back into the womb of the expectant mother.

Drug treatment throughout all these stages and IVF treatment spread to a process. For example, you may need to use medication for up to 1 week in the first phase of treatment. It will be your best medicine to be patient in all these processes and not to lose hope.

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Final Stage in IVF Treatment

How long does it take to get pregnant with IVF can be answered after the last stage of IVF treatment. Accordingly, it is possible to conceive after the embryo is placed in the mother’s womb. This is a situation that takes place in approximately 10 – 14 days. It will be possible for the mother candidate to learn the result by performing a pregnancy test 10 to 12 days after embryo transfer.