Menopur is one of the drugs used in the initial stages of IVF treatment. This medication, which should be taken on the advice of a doctor, should be used regularly during the treatment. Healthy fertilization can be achieved with drug treatment, which constitutes the first stages of IVF treatment. This medicine also helps women have a healthy ovulation period. It is also very important to use this drug regularly during the treatment period.

What Is Menopur?

As mentioned above, Menopur is one of the most popular medicines for IVF treatment. The drug should be used in one of the ovulation stages. In this way, a healthy ovulation period is entered with the effect of the drug. The use of this type of medication is quite common in stimulating the ovaries in IVF treatment. You should take this medication under the supervision of a doctor in the early stages of treatment.

It is also important to take the drug in the dosage recommended to you by your doctor. For the positive results of your treatment, you should not ignore the recommendations given by your specialist. You should try to use this medication regularly for a successful IVF treatment.

How Quickly Does Menopur Work

How Many Days Does Menopur Affect?

Menopur is a drug that should be used regularly in the early stages of IVF treatment. It is recommended to use the drug for about 15 days. However, the duration of use of the drug may sometimes vary from person to person. That is why you should start using the drug after a doctor’s examination. You should also listen to your doctor’s advice while using the medicine. It may take up to 2 weeks for the drug to work.

During this period, you should take the drug regularly. In women, drug treatment is started a few days after the beginning of the menstrual period. Necessary tests should also be done by your doctor before starting drug treatment.

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