How successful is IVF on the first try can be answered from more than one angle? For this, firstly, the age and physical condition of the expectant mother should be checked. However, the failure rate of first-time IVF treatment may be high. In this case, it will be useful to try again without losing hope. The higher the trial rate in IVF treatment, the higher the rate of getting pregnant.

What Is IVF and How Successful Is IVF on First Try?

Before answering the question how successful is IVF on the first try, we need to look at what is IVF treatment. Although some couples want to have babies, these requests may not be fulfilled from time to time. It is possible to experience some reproductive problems in both men and women.

Therefore, there are useful methods in the field of medicine such as IVF treatment. It can also be difficult to get pregnant with the IVF method in the work phase. Therefore, some situations may need to be carefully examined. For example, how old the expectant mother is of great importance in this process. Therefore, there is no harm in trying in vitro fertilization more than once.

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Successful Methods in IVF Treatment

Different answers vary depending on how successful is IVF on the first try. Accordingly, in the first treatment, the expectant mother should be thoroughly examined. The age and physical condition of the expectant mother also plays an important role in this regard.

You can also get help from a good doctor to be successful in the first treatment. However, from a medical point of view, it is quite possible not to get pregnant at the first try. In such a situation, after the necessary conditions are met, re-treatment is required.

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