The process of collecting eggs in IVF treatment is a question mark in the mind of many people. Although the process is thought to be challenging, the egg collection operation is actually quite easy. The procedures required for IVF treatment consist of several steps. At the beginning of these steps is the process of collecting the ovaries. Before the egg collection process, the expectant mother is expected to use some medications.

IVF Treatment Steps

Egg collection is one of the first stages of treatment in IVF treatment. Accordingly, the appropriate treatment method is decided for the expectant mother. After the treatment method is decided, the expectant mother is expected to use some IVF drugs. Depending on the situation, the candidate father should also use some medications.

Hormone supplement drugs are the primary drugs to be used in IVF treatment. Thanks to these drugs, you are ready for egg collection. Wait for a while after collecting the eggs. Placement of the embryo in the mother’s womb is also a process performed after the eggs are collected. After this procedure, as a result of some examinations, the expectant mother becomes pregnant. The expectant mother can perform a pregnancy test 14 days after the procedure.

Ivf treatment

Egg Collection Process for IVF Treatment

Egg collection is a procedure performed in sterile conditions with anesthesia in IVF treatment. For this, firstly, the necessary examination of the expectant mother is made. Calming medications can also be given to the mother after the examination. Anesthesia is not required in the case of sedative medication.

The process of collecting the ovaries takes an average of 30 minutes. It is very important that the environment is sterile in this procedure performed in the clinical setting. With the completion of the procedure, the expectant mother may have some pain. In such a case, your doctor will give you appropriate pain medications.

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