International Day of Living Together in Peace is one of the crucial dates for people all over the world. Because the day means that people from all social strata in the world, are have the same rights and responsibilities for each other. This day is the day of equality, happiness and peace. Because the world has a mean if all people live happy and healthy in all conditions.

Meaning of the International Day of Living Together in Peace

The most important and critical meaning of the International Day of Living Together in Peace is that all the people from all religions, skin colors, communities or irreligious people lives together in a peaceful environment. Celebrating this day is a step for being a witness to the world in change.

What is Living Together in Peace?

The meaning of living together in peace is that to accept differences, to listen each other, to try to understand, to respect and to have the ability to live unitedly.  While the people all over the world is linked with each other in different sides, in these days, they seem like trying to break out the connection with aggressive attitudes each other. If there is any piece of distrust, anything cannot well. If everyone tries to live together in peace, world will be happier and more livable.

To the Days Full of Hope

All of us can create a change for the world by having a new and positive vision. Our vision should have positive feelings, connective attitudes and universal principles. The International Peace Living Together Day aims to share and protect not only states and individuals but also cultural heritage.

To the days full of hope and beauty that differences will be accepted, respect increases with each other and societies live together in peace…

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