Is Herbal Tea Drinkable During Pregnancy, Which Teas Are Safe?

The herbal teas you drink to find healing when pregnant can be harmful to your body. For this reason, you may be wondering the answers to questions such as whether to drink herbal tea during pregnancy, which herbal teas pregnant women can drink.

In this article, we talked about herbal teas that should not be drunk during pregnancy, and what they can safely drink, one by one. Come on read!

In the meantime, let’s give a warning before we start. Before consuming all these teas we mentioned, you should consult your doctor to get the most accurate information.


Which herbal teas to drink during pregnancy?

Pregnant women, who do not like tea or coffee, and who have difficulty using medication in cases such as mild colds and colds, hope for help from herbal teas. However, some herbal teas during pregnancy can cause serious health problems. For this reason, you need to know the herbal teas you should consume or not. We have listed which herbal teas pregnant women can drink for you.


Green tea during pregnancy

It is one of the most consumed teas in daily life with the detox effect it creates. So can pregnant women drink green tea? As long as it is not exaggerated, green tea can be consumed during pregnancy. It is necessary to consume a maximum of 3-4 cups of green tea a day, which is very rich in health-supporting and antioxidants.


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Thyme tea during pregnancy

One of the most curious questions about this subject is whether pregnant women can drink fennel tea. Fennel is one of the popular teas because of its soothing effect and good for gas problems. During pregnancy, fennel tea does not pose a serious problem when it is drunk 2-3 times a week.

Fennel tea is a tea preferred by breastfeeding mothers. Because fennel is thought to have milk-increasing properties.


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Rosehip tea during pregnancy

Let’s answer whether rosehip tea can be drunk during pregnancy. You can consume rose hips, which contain plenty of vitamin C, limited to 1 glass a day. If you are wondering which herbal tea to drink for flu during pregnancy, one of the best things for you will be rosehip. It is a complete healing plant with its effect on the immune system and good for cough.


Lemon balm tea during pregnancy

Again, lemon balm tea is among the popular herbal teas with its calming and spasm-reducing effect. Melissa tea during pregnancy is one of the teas that can be drunk with care.

Linden tea during pregnancy

Let’s talk about whether pregnant women can drink linden tea. There is no harm in drinking linden tea, 1 glass a day. Linden, which is good for problems such as cough, sore throat, flu, insomnia, is among the herbal teas that can be drunk during pregnancy.


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Herbal teas to avoid during pregnancy

Some herbal teas during pregnancy are so effective that they can even cause miscarriage and can cause serious problems. Therefore, it is necessary to know these teas and limit their consumption.


Chamomile tea during pregnancy

Can pregnant women drink chamomile tea, as it has a calming effect and is good for insomnia? Since it is one of the plants that cause abortion, chamomile is one of the teas that should not be drunk during pregnancy. It is recommended not to consume chamomile tea, especially in the first 3 months of pregnancy, as it causes uterine contractions.


Sage during pregnancy

Because it causes an increase in estrogen in the body, sage in pregnancy is one of the herbal teas that causes abortion. It is more risky to consume sage, especially in the first months of pregnancy.


Mint tea during pregnancy

Peppermint tea is among the herbs that terminate pregnancy, as it can increase uterine contractions and cause miscarriage. Therefore, it is recommended not to drink in the early period.


Hibiscus tea during pregnancy

You may also wonder if hibiscus tea, also known as sour tea, can be drunk during pregnancy. It is not recommended to consume hibiscus tea during pregnancy, as it is thought to cause miscarriage and can have a toxic effect when consumed in excessive amounts.

Nursing mothers should also consult their doctor before consuming hibiscus tea, as it is known to reduce estrogen levels.