Menopur 75 IU is a type of medicine used for IVF treatment. The dose of the drug administered by injecting under the skin is determined by the doctor. It is also useful to be under the supervision of a doctor before using the medicine. When using the drug, you should also be careful to take the recommended dose. You can accept this drug, which is suitable for both women and men, as part of your treatment. It is recommended to use the drug regularly, which ensures the intake of the necessary hormones into your body.

What is Menopur 75 IU?

Menopur 75 IU is a drug containing both follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone. This drug is one of the most effective drugs used for IVF treatment. Each of the hormones is among the ones that should be present in both women and men. In cases where these hormones are low, conditions such as infertility occur. Thanks to hormonal supplements taken from outside, couples who want to have a baby are treated. Menopur 75 is an effective drug that ensures the intake of the necessary hormones. To use the medicine, you must first have the prescription given by a specialist physician.

How To Use Menopur 75 IU

Menopur 75 IU consists of both a pack containing powder and a solution liquid to dissolve the powder. If these two packages are mixed, the drug is obtained. The mixture obtained should also be injected subcutaneously into the body. In this way, the person can do the injection process by her/himself. It is quite easy to inject the drug into the body. As long as a sterile environment is provided, it is quite risk free as well.

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In which situations can Menopur 75 IU be used?

Menopur 75 IU is a drug used in cases where ovaries are not produced in women. For this, the hormones in the drug should be taken as a supplement. Menopur is also a type of medicine that men can use. Some of the hormonal disorders in men are eliminated with this drug. At the same time, inadequate sperm count is also treated with this drug.

Menopur 75 IU and Side Effects

Menopur 75 IU is not a drug with a lot of side effects. However, some allergic reactions may be shown against the active ingredient in the drug. Common side effects of the drug may include headaches, swelling and pain in the abdomen. Also, feeling of nausea and vomiting are among the possible side effects. Among the rare side effects of the drug include dizziness, diarrhea, acne and rashes. If the side effects are exacerbated, it is recommended to consult your specialist doctor immediately. It is also recommended to stop taking the medicine if side effects do not go away.

Things to Consider When Using Menopur 75 IU

Menopur 75 IU is a drug that is comfortable to use. But still, in some cases, it is necessary to use the drug with caution. Pregnant and lactating women are strictly not allowed to use the drug. In addition, the drug is not suitable for individuals over a certain age. Women with uterus or breast cancer are also not recommended to use the drug. Finally, Menopur 75 is among the drugs that should not be used for men with prostate cancer.

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