Orgalutran is a highly effective drug that can be used in the initial stages of IVF treatment. This drug, which is widely used in IVF treatment, can also be used in other reproductive treatments. It is useful to undergo a comprehensive examination before using the drug. You should only use the medicine on your doctor’s advice. It is not possible to sell the drug without a prescription. Therefore, when purchasing the drug, you should also declare the prescription signed by your doctor.

What Is Orgalutran and How to Use It?

Orgalutran is a type of medicine used for a healthy ovulation period in women. It is also possible to use this drug in various reproductive treatments. IVF treatment is one of the primary uses of the drug. This drug should be used regularly in the early stages of IVF treatment.

The drug should be used by injecting under the skin. Help can be obtained from a qualified healthcare worker while under-skin injection. It is important that it is completely sterile in its environment when performing this procedure. You can also apply the drug on your own after receiving the necessary training.

Orgalutran Side Effects

Orgalutran and Side Effects

Orgalutran is a drug that has some side effects in terms of its active ingredient. However, most of the side effects of the drug are rarely seen. In addition, if you have an allergic reaction to the side effect of the drug, you should immediately consult a doctor. In this case, you may also need to stop taking the medicine.

Side effects of the drug include skin side effects such as itching and redness. Especially in the area where the drug is applied, you may encounter conditions such as redness and slight swelling. In addition, swelling of the face can be observed among the side effects of the drug. If you see this side effect, you will need to consult your doctor.

Other side effects of the drug include nausea and vomiting. Also, having difficulty breathing can be shown among the side effects of the drug. In case of all these side effects, it is recommended to talk to your doctor.

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