As, we care about the continuity of your health and the protection of your personal information. We are very sensitive to the confidentiality of your health and personal information. There are some several regulation statements about the privacy practices of website which is stated as in the text. In this page, the privacy policy statements specify how gains and uses your personal information which you entered in the sign-up step of the website. In addition to this, privacy policy page describes how you can use, access and update your information in this website.

Which Types of Personal Information We Collect?

There is some information that must be entered in order to make purchases from this website. For ordering medication, you must sign up to by using Create An Account part of the website. In registration and account creation step, you must enter your name, surname, phone number, e-mail address and password information. uses these information groups for being connect yo you about the product and services of the website which you have ordered.

After you have registered to the website and had a profile in it, you will be able to order medications which are prescript, listed on website. In order to country medications, you do not need to add any information other than the information you provided during the registration process. To order prescription medication, we need some additional medical information and documents about the patient who ordered the prescription. In this document, there should be stated as the name, date of birth, height, weight, gender, medication requested, drug allergies if there is, medical history information, prescription information, the medications which are used regularly or at the moment, primary physician name and his / her contact information.

You can share your personal information with us if you want. If you do not want this, this is not compulsory. However, if you decided to give your personal and health information to us, we may have chance to advice different products and medications to you whenever drugs are not available you searched in the website. If we cannot give the best service to you due to using information you stated to the registration process, we may need to ask some details to you about your history of health and personal features. For this purpose, we may send you an e-mail which includes a form about you.

In addition to this, we may collect data about some special interests of paints such that our Customer’s information which will be helpful to determine which type of medications are needed or which brands are more preferred. We collect this information as anonymous.

Why We Use Personal Information?

We take and use your and your family’s personal information for contacting about sharing information with you such as ordered medication, news about drugs, new brand in the website and alternative products. In addition to these, we need your information for serving the best service and delivering the right and requested drugs. We have to make a licensed physician examine your or your family member’s prescription and personal information to analyze your medications. We may send you special offers by using your personal information. If you do not take these like e-mails, you may opt out by using the link of “unsubscribe” in the post. We will not share your personal information with any person or institution without your permission. We only use your personal information for being connect with you about only your health and order procedure.

If there are a certain reason for sharing your information with another person or institution, we will contact with you before any action. In some cases, may have to share your personal information with government agencies. At this point, no personal purpose or false intent will ever be pursued. This will not be implemented unless it is mandatory. When we need to use personal information as required by law, when we have to protect our rights, or when we have to share information to comply with judicial proceedings, court orders or legal proceedings presented on our site, we must do so. Sometimes, in addition to the services we provide, we contract with other organizations to provide different services. Sometimes we may share some of your information and ensure that your information is processed with our trusted service suppliers and business partners. We do not register or use any information that you do not voluntarily provide while using our website.

You do not have to register on to visit our website, examine medications and get to know our services. You can do all these operations anonymously. However, you must register on the site to place an order and receive your order.

Agents/Service Providers

We serve not only prescript pharmacies but also some special products such as affiliate dispensing pharmacies. For advertising these medications to you, we may send e-mail to you about this information. When you have an account on, we may share your information such as name, address or history of medical profile with these types third party companies. These type of third parties cannot use your personal information to take profit. They may use your data only for necessary procedures. does not share, sell, rent or exchange personal information that you own without your consent to third parties, other than those described in this privacy policy.


If you don’t want to receive our e-mails and advertisements, you have chance to opt-out of receiving these posts no more time. Or you may send an e-mail to IUPharmacy [email protected].

Security Measures

We use high level of security technologies not only on side of customer information but also on the medication information side. We use current and proper technologies and have security regulations to make safe your personal information in All of the safety and security regulations in the website are extremely convenient with the sensitivity your information. Your personal information is stored in a secure environment which are defined for achieving special people in moderator team. We also have an appropriate management environment in server and firewall side.

Our security practices are periodically reviewed to ensure your data security. Access to the personal information you have during daily operations is provided only by those eligible for the job. All employees of are hired to comply with our privacy policies and standards. Any employee cannot access customer information that is not authorized. All employees must keep their personal information confidential at all times. Otherwise he has to bear the results.

Accessing and Amending Your Information

You can store any personal information you request on If anything changes from the personal information of you or one of your family members or you do not wish to receive our service, you can make changes manually on the “My Account” tab. Or youu can get support from our customer representative via [email protected] If you wish to close your account or donot want to take any information which we provide to you via e-mail, you may contact us by using [email protected] We will connect to you about your request in a short time.

In all the time when you are a member of website, we will retain and store your information for your needs and requests. In order to this, we will store them for our legal obligations as long as you are registered. If you wish stop your account and you want to return this decision, you may send an e-mail to us for activating your account again.

Tracking Technologies

As, our analytics and service providers use beacons, scripts and cookies in our technological side. Thanks to these technologies, we can analyze customer trends, track users’ movements on the site, and collect demographic information about our audience as a whole. Thanks to these important technologies, we can get to know our customer better.

Moreover, we use cookies to make it easier to find what you are looking for on our Site. You can check the use and permissions of cookies on the browser you own. You can use our site without cookie registration.

Like most websites, we automatically collect some information and store it in log files. These files are automatically deleted at the end of the day. These files can contain internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser type, exit pages, operating system, date information and clickstream data. We will not use these data by connecting your personal information.

LSOs and it’s third party partners display some advertising parts on the website by using HTML5 LSOs. Some browsers may regulate their own strategical tools for decreasing or removing these LSOs. But we do not do this.

Behavioral Targeting

We have a partnership about third party advertisements on website. For this purpose our partners may use cookies to gather special information about which type of medications or products you are interested in. If you don’t let this act, you may opt-out this process by changing your browser settings.

Links to Other Sites

Whenever you click on a link in website which are on advertisement, you will be directed to another website. As we cannot control where do you go another website as like not controlling your click movement in the site. We also cannot control the behavior of third parties, and therefore we do not accept responsibility for any problems you may experience with your personal information. At this point, we recommend that you do not register on their sites without reviewing the privacy statements of other companies.

Social Media Widgets

There are Social Media integrations with our social media accounts that is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest applications, in the website. These social media contacts may take and store your IP address what type of pages you visited and collect cookies for giving advices about medication alternatives for you. In addition to this, all these social media applications are third party hosted websites. So all your acts in these media platforms are governed by their own privacy policy rules.

Changes in this Privacy Statement

If there has been changes about Privacy policy, we will send an e-mail about it to give you clear information about the process. We also have and reserve the right to change privacy policy whenever it is needed, therefore you should check this page frequently. If there have been clear changes in the policy, we will inform you via an e-mail or notification on the home page of

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