Puregon 900 IU is an effective drug type, the active ingredient of which is follitropin beta. This drug, which is injected under the skin, is common for IVF treatment. Puregon, a type of hormone supplement drug, can be purchased on doctor’s advice. People with reproductive problems are advised to consult their doctor before starting Puregon. Puregon is also considered one of the first stages of IVF treatment.

What Is Puregon 900 IU?

Puregon 900 IU is a kind of hormone supplement drug with active ingredient FSH. The drug contains a substance known as follicle stimulating hormone. The effect of this substance is especially high in the treatment of reproductive problems.

With Puregon, a drug that can be used in both women and men, ovulation can be healthy. Thanks to this drug that provides sperm balance in men, a healthy reproduction can be achieved. The use of the drug, especially as the first stage of IVF treatment, is quite common. Thanks to the use of the drug before the ovulation period, a healthy egg collection is carried out. You should consult a specialist physician before using the medicine.

Puregon is in the group of drugs that cannot be sold without a prescription. It is recommended that you keep in touch with your specialist while using the medicine.


How to Use Puregon 900 IU?

Puregon 900 IU is a type of drug that should be used by injecting under the skin. You should use the drug regularly, in accordance with the doctor’s advice. At the same time, the environment must be sterile when applying the drug. You can also use the medicine with help from a qualified healthcare professional.

In addition, you can apply the drug yourself after receiving the necessary training. Your treatment may get a positive response if you use the medicine regularly. Therefore, you should use the drug as recommended by your doctor.

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