You can read our article to get information about the stages of IVF treatment. IVF treatment is a comprehensive treatment consisting of several stages. However, although it is gradual, the treatment process passes easily. IVF treatment given by specialist doctor will generally allow you to get positive results. In this article, you can learn about the stages of IVF.

IVF Treatment

The First Stage of IVF Treatment

The stimulation of the ovaries comes first in the stages of IVF treatment. At this stage, egg production is provided by using medication. The most suitable drugs are determined by your specialist. You are starting to use these drugs through your prescription. Almost all of the drugs used in IVF treatment contribute to hormone production. Also, some of the drugs are applied by subcutaneous injection method. Subcutaneous injection is also an easy procedure. You can also make the injection yourself at home.

The next stage of IVF treatment is the stage of collecting the eggs. At this stage, sedative drugs are given to the expectant mother. Sometimes this stage can also be applied by anesthesia. Then, the matured eggs begin to be collected.

The Final Stage of IVF Treatment

The stages of IVF treatment continue with the creation of the embryo. In this process, the egg collected using the male’s sperm is fertilized. If the egg is suitable for fertilization, it waits for a while. If the egg is not suitable for fertilization with sperm, sperm is injected into the egg. After these processes, the embryo is created in the fertilized egg.

The embryo formed should also be transferred to the mother’s uterus. Embryo transfer is also not a difficult process. Embryos placed in the mother’s uterus can sometimes cause twin or triplet deliveries.

As a result of all these procedures, it is understood whether the embryo causes pregnancy after approximately 14 days. The first 14 days are also important for maternal and embryo health. Therefore, it is recommended to be careful for 2 weeks.

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