The answer to what does Puregon do is quite clear. Puregon is one of the most effective and important drugs used in IVF treatment. Puregon, a drug containing follitropin beta, is one of the most popular drugs that increase fertility. When the drug contains the fertility hormones, the expectant mother can become pregnant. Therefore, the use of this drug is very common, especially in IVF treatments. It is recommended that you consult a specialist physician before using the medicine.

What Is Puregon?

Before asking What does Puregon do, first of all, it is necessary to know what kind of medicine this drug is. Puregon is among the drugs that should be used in the early stages of IVF treatment. It is recommended to use the drug regularly, which has fertility-enhancing properties.

The drug, which plays an effective role in the growth of ovaries in women, can also be used by men. Thanks to the drug that increases the rate of sperm in men, it is possible to have a baby.

In cases where urinary hormones are irregular, specialists in this field recommend using Puregon. Of course, before using the drug, you need to consult your doctor. Puregon is a drug recommended for patients who start IVF treatment. Therefore, it should be recommended by a specialist physician.

what does puregon do

What Does Puregon Do and How to Use It?

The answer to the question What does Puregon do is that the drug plays an important role in fertility. Puregon, as we mentioned above, is an effective reproductive medicine for both women and men. The effects of the drug include regularizing ovulation and increasing the number of sperm in men.

It is recommended to use the drug in the initial stage of IVF treatment. Puregon is a type of drug injected under the skin. It is recommended to apply the drug, especially by injecting it into the abdomen. You can also get help from a qualified healthcare provider while applying the medicine.

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