What happens during IVF treatment is a kind of extensive question. IVF treatment is a type of treatment that is examined in several stages. Although there are several stages of treatment, the treatment is very easy to apply. However, it is still important that expectant mothers know the stages and the process of treatment. You can find important details about IVF treatment in this article.

The First Stages of IVF Treatment

If we ask a question about what happens during IVF treatment, we should first look at the initial stages of treatment. In the first stage of IVF treatment, the expectant mother should undergo the necessary examination. If a problem is encountered in the spawning process of the expectant mother, drug treatment is started after this process.

Drug treatment, which is one of the most comprehensive stages of IVF treatment, takes approximately 10-14 days. In this process, various hormonal balancing pills are given to the expectant mother. It is also very important to use these pills regularly. In the use of pills, recommendations should be taken from a specialist physician. Also the dosage of drugs should be determined accordingly by specialist.

In IVF treatment, blood tests required by your doctor are performed before using the drug. As a result of the blood tests, you can start using the drugs necessary for pregnancy.

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The Latest Stages of IVF Treatment

We need to take a look at the final stages of the treatment for the answer to what happens during the IVF treatment question. At this stage, eggs ripening with hormone drugs have a stage of collection. As a result of collecting eggs and sperm, steps are taken for the embryo to form in the laboratory.

After all these stages, the fertilized healthy egg is placed back into the mother’s womb. With the end of this procedure, the expectant mother is expected to perform a pregnancy test approximately 14 days later.

What Happens During IVF Treatment on The Last Stage?

After the last stage of IVF treatment is carried out, days may be counted for pregnancy. In this case, it is recommended that the expectant mother pays attention to her movements for a while. It is also possible to inject healthy embryos created in the laboratory environment into the mother’s uterus several times.

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