Gonapeptyl is one of the drugs that should be used during IVF treatment. It is important to use the drug at the initial stage of treatment. In this way, the capacity of the reproductive organ to produce eggs will be increased. To allow a healthy reproduction, this type of medication should be taken during the treatment. This drug can also allow successful IVF treatment if used regularly. You should definitely consult your doctor before taking the medicine.

What Is Gonapeptyl?

Gonapeptyl is an important drug that allows the reproductive organ to produce eggs in the treatment of IVF. Thanks to this drug, healthy egg production take place. This is considered as one of the most important steps of fertilization through IVF. Thanks to the drug, the number of eggs required for fertilization can be increased.

This is one of the situations that increase the chance for IVF treatment. With the use of the drug, ripe eggs ready for fertilization can be collected. The process of collecting eggs is another important stage of IVF treatment. The drug should be used regularly before proceeding to this stage. It is also important to take the medicine as recommended by your doctor while taking it.

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Things to Consider While Using Gonapeptyl

Gonapeptyl is one of the drugs that positively affect IVF treatment. The use of the drug as recommended is also of great importance in this regard. But still, it is expected to pay attention to some situations while using the drug. For example, those with chronic diseases should use the drug carefully. Before you start using the medicine, you are asked to inform your doctor about your medical history.

The drug may have some rare side effects. At the beginning of these side effects is the feeling of redness and pain in the area where the drug is injected. If side effects increase, it is recommended to consult a specialist doctor.