The answer to the question What is Propess is quite extensive. Propess is a highly effective and comprehensive drug. The main active ingredient of the drug is dinoprostone. Propess has a great influence on the healthy start of the birth process. Propess, a drug that is administered into the vagina, provides delivery after 38 weeks of gestation. Various problems that occur before or during birth can be brought under control with this drug. In particular, the posture of the baby during delivery affects the use of the drug.

What Is Propess and How to Use It?

What is Propess can be said to be an effective birth medicine as the answer to the question. The use of the drug during childbirth is also quite common. Usually, the baby’s posture position is among the uses of the drug. This drug should be used in positions where the baby is not suitable for childbirth.

It is also suitable to use Propess for baby health problems. Propess may need to be used even if the mother giving birth has had conditions such as uterine surgery. Also, the number of births of the mother may affect the use of the drug. If the mother has given birth more than three times, the use of Propess is considered appropriate.

Nurses or doctors can apply the Propess drug. It is also recommended to be under the supervision of a specialist when applying the drug. After the application of the drug, the patient should be constantly checked. It is recommended that the patient rest for a while when the drug is first administered.


What Is Propess and What Is Its Usage?

The answer to the question of What is Propess can be given as a highly effective drug used at birth. We have also mentioned the cases where Propess is used. But in addition to these fields, some situations can be added.

For example, if the mother has conditions such as vaginal bleeding, the use of Propess may be required. Besides, the problem between the baby’s head and the pelvis requires the use of the drug.