Some important factors can be shown in the scope of treatment in response to the why would estrogen levels drop during the IVF question. If the hormone estrogen, also called the female hormone, is at a certain level, you can become pregnant. Too much of this hormone will cause some problems in the body. These problems include reproductive problems. Therefore, the estrogen ratio should be decreased in IVF treatment.

Estrogen Hormone in IVF Treatment

In response to the question, why would estrogen levels drop during IVF, the ratio of the hormone should be checked. If the hormone rate is much higher than normal, the hormone needs to be balanced. For this, drug treatment is started in the first place. There is a connection between the formation of pregnancy due to the high level of estrogen hormone in women. If the hormone is high, infertility symptoms also come to the fore.

Likewise, in men, the hormone estrogen is shown as one of the main causes of infertility. It is essential to decrease the level of the hormone seen above normal. Therefore, estrogen hormone will need to be reduced during IVF treatment. For this, drug therapy is applied in the early stages of treatment.


Why Would Estrogen Levels Drop During IVF and How-To

We gave useful answers to the question why would estrogen levels drop during IVF above. The main reason for this situation is the prevention of getting pregnant. Therefore, it is considered appropriate to reduce the estrogen level artificially.

Some methods are used to reduce the level of estrogen during IVF treatment. Drug treatment comes first. Thanks to the appropriate drug treatment, a healthy pregnancy environment can be created. Thanks to drugs that reduce the level of estrogen, the next stage of IVF treatment is also started. It is also important to use the medicines given in drug treatment regularly.