Mother Earth Day is a special day, celebrated on April 22 of every year. Celebrated since April 22, 1970, this day requires being sensitive to the environment and the world. It is highlighted that we remember and be aware of the beauty the world has presented to us on this day. This day, which is also referred to as the environmental awareness day, was put forward by UNESCO. In this way, the climate crisis faced by the world will be discussed on April 22 of this year.

What Is Mother Earth Day?

Mother Earth Day is a special day that was first brought up at the UNESCO meeting in 1969. The importance of this day is to draw attention to the environmental problems facing the world. In this way, it focuses on the environmental problems facing the world, even once a year. Of course, these problems should not be brought into question only on April 22.

However, with the date of April 22, environmental problems are drawn attention to all over the world. Special conferences are held in many parts of the world on this day. In this way, it is tried to produce solutions to the problems faced by the world.

Various events are also held on April 22, which best describes the importance of this day. Even in social media, the importance of the day is explained and more attention is provided.

mother earth day
mother earth day

Mother Earth Day Events

Mother Earth Day is a very special day, which is celebrated all over the world and primarily in the USA. Various events are held all over the world on April 22. The purpose of these activities draws attention to the environmental problems that the world will face.

Various environmental decisions are also taken at the events organized on April 22. For example, the US Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act are products of April 22. In this way, it is aimed to make the world a more livable place.