The date of 31th May is stated as World No-Tobacco Day. This special day has two certain goals for health of all around the world. The first goal of the date is raising public awareness about the health and other harm of tobacco use. The second and the last aim of the date is to give awareness to the users of tobacco products and to improve their healthy life behaviors.

World No-Tobacco Day Was Announced by World Health Organization (WHO)

The crucial date for people was announced by World Health Organization. For this day, there are organized so many activities at different point of the world such as walking events, celebration parties and fears. Every year has a concept for decreasing the number of smoking people. The year of 2020 ‘s concept is Tobacco and Lung Health.

What Happens in the World No-Tobacco Day?

Public spots are broadcast by public institutions on May 31, World No-Tobacco Day and the week of that day. Projects for the harms of smoking are developed in educational institutions. Smoking cessation efforts are emphasized in hospitals and outpatient clinics. The activities carried out by health officials, non-governmental organizations and stakeholder institutions all over the world draw attention to the harm of tobacco products and encourage those who want to quit.

World No-Tobacco Day

What are the Harmful Effects of Tobacco Products?

Tobacco smoke acts on the protective mechanisms of the respiratory tract due to both its heat and the many chemicals it contains. These products also cause various diseases in the respiratory tract and lungs such as lung cancer, chronic bronchitis, asthma, various infections and even allergic conditions. Researches in this field show that these illnesses are watched smoking people more than others. Moreover, global tobacco epidemic ranks first among preventable diseases and causes of death. It causes more than 7 million deaths in the world every year. There are more than 5300 chemicals in cigarette smoke.

To sum up, these facts show the importance of tobacco against lifestyle. In addition to this, World No-Tobacco Day is so meaningful day for all over the World.

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